My name is Madison Baker and I was born in North Carolina. I moved to the suburbs of Austin, Texas when I was five years old, so Texas is what I’ve known most of my life. Austin is definitely one of my favorite places and I feel to lucky to live here. It has a great community and wide variety of actives to explore. The music, food, shopping, and over all atmosphere make me want to live here forever!

I graduated from a small high school north of Austin. Afterwards I went to Austin Community College for a few years. Once I received my basics I transferred to Texas State University. I spent my first few semesters going to the Round Rock satellite campus. Now I commute down to the San Marcos campus. I do not know exactly what job area I want to enter when I graduate but I love the Mass Community/DMI classes I have been taking for my major. Before I started taking these classes I never realized school could actually be fun and interesting. Growing up I never took school too seriously and tried to just fly by. But as I have gotten older I have realized I actually love learning and exploring new topics. Reading and listening to podcasts are just one fun way.

I work as a receptionist at a yoga and bodywork studio called Studio Mantra. I work the weekends and also fill in for people sporadically throughout the weekdays when I am available. Also to earn money I pet sit and house sit for people when they are on vacation. It started off as a favor for my aunt and then a family friend. Next thing I know I’ve got a handful of people who had heard through the grapevine that I was watching houses and animals. Fives years later and I’ve really made a job out of petsitting. I will petsit for weeks at a time, come home for a week, and then be gone for another month. It has been a really great way to earn money while in college. I am able to do my assignments and study at their houses while still being able to look after their homes. One of my favorite things to do is take photos of the animals I watch and send them to their owners. I love trying to to capture the personality of the animal. It’s a nice way to show the owner everything is going alright and help them worry less. Check out some of my favorite photos below!