I would say one of my biggest hobbies and passions is music. I’m not musically talented myself, but I have a deep love for the craft. I love listening to music, dancing to music, and researching music. Music is a major part of my life and how I keep myself sane. I have made friends through music. I t has bonded me with friends for life. My friends and I love to go to concerts and shows in our free time. It’s something we did all throughout high school and continue to do together. If you head over to the Music, I’ve listed some of my favorite artists I have seen live along with links to give them a listen.

I enjoy volunteering at ACL Festival. Which I have done for the past four years and am planning on doing this year as well. It’s such a fun experience that I recommend anyone doing it if they have the chance. You work about a 4 hour shift and then you get to enjoy the festival for free! I love feeling like a part of the community and an integral part of the festival all while getting to experience the fest. Give the playlist below a listen for a small insight into some of my favorite music. I made this playlist on my trip to Colorado for our long drives. My music taste has such a wide range that it’s impossible to narrow down. I have over 100 playlists that you can check out at madzthree on Spotify. You are bound to find something you dig!

Since I work at a yoga studio I try to take full advantage of my membership and take weekly yoga classes. It’s a fun way to incorporate physical activity into my week. I also find it to be really beneficial to my mental health.

I also have a passion for traveling. I love getting to see new places and experience new cultures. It is a great way to learn and expand my world view. I save my money through out the year and try to take a big trip in the summer time. I have always loved traveling and am lucky to have been able to travel domestically growing up, but about 3 summers ago is when it really amped up! I came across the opportunity to travel to Scotland and fell in love with everything about it. After that trip I decided I wanted to continue traveling internationally while I am able.

Countries I’ve Visited

  1. Scotland
  2. Greece
  3. Canada
  4. Botswana